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More new beginnings

May 14, 2009

more babies, originally uploaded by maggies farm.

Spring constantly jolts with change.  I came home yesterday from jury duty (the defendant offered up a plea and we were free) to the sound of little peeps.  I thought perhaps a bird was nesting somewhere close by.  The windows were all open and I wasn’t expecting the eggs in the incubator to hatch for another several days.  I quickly realized the peeps were coming from the incubator. 
So far there are 9 little Buff Orpington ducklings.  Three are crested, which I find a little gaudy for my taste.  It’s a recessive gene present in one duck, who passed it on to another and this year – three.
I love ducklings.  I love them more than chicks.  They lay around in little piles like puppies.  Then all of the sudden they awake, splash water everywhere, scatter their food and flap their little nubbins of wing.  The giant feet and round bill are comical and endearing. 
The ducks remind me that things continue to change.  That’s what spring is all about.
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  1. May 14, 2009 7:37 pm

    Oh good lord, I want to kiss their little ducky beaks! You’re right, much cuter than chicks!

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